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I gave the newest pixel_trade challenge a go and had alot of fun. For this challenge, we were tasked with selecting sims from the October 2010 Founder Collection and birth a minimum of six generations using those sims.

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Cali Girl: A School Friend Sing-A-Long

This is my second submission to the School Friend Sing-A-Long challenge for pixel_trade.

California Girls by Katy Perry is so ridiculously catchy. And being that I live in the land of sunshine and beaches (San Diego), I've heard it probably 10 times a day since summer started. Seemed like a reasonable song to use. :o)

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Muse Uprising: A School Friend Sing-A-Long

As soon as I read the School Friend Sing-A-Long challenge over on pixel_trade, I knew I had to participate.

The idea for Muse Uprising came from the song Uprising by Muse. You can't truly appreciate this song until you hear it sung by a 5 year old. Seriously, my kid LOVES this song bunches. I had to use it... :o)

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The Peroni Legacy: Reloaded (1.0)

Back in May, shortly after VDSL was in full effect, I had some issues with a glitchy neighborhood and the Peroni legacy was over before it had really gotten started. I'm giving it another go this time. Let's see what happens!

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I gave the Ugry Ugries challenge over at pixel_trade another shot to see what I'd come up with.

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